Össur's vigorous commitment to innovation and advanced technologies has helped to give new confidence to millions of people with impaired mobility. From braces and supports that improve stability and relieve pain, to cutting edge prosthetic limbs that offer the closest prospect yet to replicating natural motion, Össur‘s products represent the latest and best in orthopaedic design.

The Company‘s continued success owes much to its accumulated expertise in six core competencies, knowledge that is increasingly being transferred and applied across all areas of product development to great effect.

Mechatronics – Bionic Technology by Össur

For over a decade, Össur has been applying engineering systems, especially electronics, to the study of biological principles. Its goal is to restore the anatomical functions displaced by amputation using intelligent structures in products that can respond in a human-like way. The result is Bionic Technology by Össur, a precise fusion of artificial intelligence and human physiology. The actions of walking, running and even ascending stairs are now closer than ever to natural motion.

Carbon Composites

Carbon fiber composites are used extensively in the aerospace industry for their superior strength, flexibility and lightness. Through its patented designs incorporating layered carbon fiber, Össur has created prosthetic feet that are able to store and return energy to the user as they walk, improving stability, energy-efficiency and gait. Advanced manufacturing techniques and extensive analysis ensure the layering process is optimized, achieving motion that is proportional to impact and the user's weight. More recently, the beneficial properties of these composites have been utilized by Össur in a wide range of braces.


Validated by decades of medical use, silicone is bio-inert, which means it doesn't react with the skin in any way. It is also extremely durable, easy to clean, and the only material that allows different levels of softness and strength to be incorporated into Iceross liner designs (the interface between a limb and a prosthetic socket). Össur has worked with silicone for close to forty years, developing an extensive and patented knowledge of the material, the best manufacturing processes and applications that go far wider than just liners.


Össur’s textile platforms form the basis for the design and manufacturing of products such as liners (the prosthetic socket interface) and soft goods. As well as three-dimensional and coated textiles, Össur also produces proprietary knitting and woven material for phlebology stockings. These are used extensively in compression therapy to tackle poor circulation. Neoprene is another of Össur’s specialties, used mainly for thermotherapy to reduce swelling.

Injection molding

One of Össur’s most prolific platforms, injection molding is widely used in the manufacture of orthopaedic products such as walkers and cervical collars. The Company has patented a number of techniques for over-molding, which creates a more comfortable, anatomically contoured edging for a number of orthopedic applications. Össur’s continuous improvement of design skills in this area and new innovations are increasing the competitive edge of this technology platform.


A lengthy history of mechanical expertise and innovation lies behind many of Össur’s products. Incorporating lightweight, strong and durable alloys, products such as mechanical prosthetic knees reflect expert functional design and the use of advanced control systems. This mechanical knowledge continues also to be applied to a wide range of components