Össur Prosthetic Solutions feature a range of award-winning devices, including the world‘s first complete bionic lower limb - SYMBIONIC® LEG. Our prosthetics are available for a wide range of amputees of all ages and activity levels, and have also expanded to include upper-limb prostheses from Touch Bionics.

Among our Osteoarthritis Solutions is the clinically proven Unloader One®, a renowned knee brace designed to relieve the pain associated with knee OA. Our expertise in Injury Solutions has enabled the development of our “Functional Healing“ range; indication-specific products that are designed to optimize healing while maintaining function and mobility.

We also have significant expertise in Compression Therapy, producing quality products that help improve circulation and minimize swelling.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Össur keeps up the momentum through significant levels of investment in R&D and highly productive relationships with universities and research partners worldwide. Our key areas of expertise include silicone, carbon composites and mechatronics.