Össur’s commitment to ethics and social responsibility, including its participation in the United Nations Global Compact, requires employees to conduct themselves according to highest standards of ethical conduct and abiding by all applicable rules, regulations and industry standards that govern the Company.

Össur’s core values of honesty, frugality and courage serve as the foundation and driving force behind the Company’s success, guiding employees in their day-to-day activities and decision-making. At Össur we believe that by honoring the values and ethical standards, the Company will achieve long-term sustainable success, furthering the mission of improving people’s mobility.

Human Rights

Human rights are universal and every person around the world deserves to be treated with dignity and equality. In a global Company like Össur, employees interact with both other employees and stakeholders from all around the world from different cultures and backgrounds.

Össur conducts regular audits on its product suppliers, with special focus on human rights and safety.

Human Rights Policy

Code of Conduct

Össur’s Code of Conduct applies to all persons employed by or affiliated with Össur and is intended to promote honest and ethical conduct and establish a procedure for reporting concerns.

Össur Code of Conduct

Anti-Corruption and Bribery

It is Össur’s long-standing policy to conduct all of its business fairly in an honest and ethical manner. Össur’s anti-bribery and corruption policy prohibits anyone employed by or affiliated with Össur from participating in bribery or corruption in any form. Össur has established global processes and procedures, enabling the Company to evaluate and conduct risk assessments on its business partners and to take adequate measurements to prevent corrupt practices.

Össur’s anti-bribery and corruption policy

Other Policies

Tax Policy

Supplier Code of Conduct

Safety Policy

Equal Opportunity Policy

Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions Policy