Our Responsibility

Össur’s mission is to improve people’s mobility. This is the Company’s most important contribution to building a better society. Össur’s products have helped numerous people live a life without limitations. Through its line of innovative products, Össur helps people make sure their opportunities aren’t diminished due to injury or disability. Össur aspires to contribute to a better society and to minimize its impact on the environment.

Active UN Partner

Össur is an active participant in the United Nations Global Compact. As such, we work towards sustainable and socially responsible goals relating to human rights and best labour practices, as well as the environment and anti-corruption measures.

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Össur’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 

Össur’s largest impact on society is through the Company’s innovative products, research activities and expertise in the field of prosthetics and bracing and supports. Össur works with individuals, clinicians and diverse communities around the world to support a better quality of life and increase the mobility of millions of people. Consequently, Össur’s greatest impact on the SDGs is on Goal 3, Good Health and Well-Being. Additionally, Össur will also contribute to Goal 5 on Gender Equality, Goal 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production and Goal 13 on Climate Action. 

Össur’s sustainability vision is to provide products and services that contribute to good health, using responsible production methods and supporting climate action, while being a sponsor for gender equality. 

Goal 3

Goal 3

Our Focus Project

Improve access to healthcare for amputees 

Globally, only 30-40% of new lower limb amputees are fitted with a prosthetic solution. The average age is between 65-70 years and vascular related amputations are above 80%. Statistics demonstrate that if amputees in this age group do not become mobile, life-expectancy is materially reduced. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits and more importantly, regular activity can improve quality of life. Össur is adding special focus on designing products that support the needs of this age group. 

Main targets supporting this goal:

  • Design and market functional products for elderly
  • Initiate and/or support clinical investigations focusing on clinical benefits related to more functional products for this user group
  • Engage with industry specialists and decision makers to secure access to more functional products for this demographic
Goal 5

Goal 5

Our Ongoing Commitment

Össur believes in diversity in its broadest sense. Rooted in our Nordic heritage is the importance of gender equality and women’s positive contribution to the workplace and the society.

Main targets supporting this goal:

  • Maintain an even gender split amongst employees (+/-10%)
  • Increase management positions held by women
  • Encourage greater diversity and inclusiveness in the industry
Goal 12

Goal 12

Our Products

Reducing the environmental footprint of our products

Össur is taking a product-centric approach to environmental management and aims to reduce the product’s environmental footprint throughout the full lifecycle, from development, through production, use and disposal.

Main targets supporting this goal:

  • Sustainable product development
  • Material choices, recyclable and safe materials
  • Reduce plastics in final product packaging
  • Explore opportunities for circular business models
Goal 13

Goal 13

Taking Action

Actively working towards a carbon neutral operation  

Össur is committed to reducing its Greenhouse Gas Emissions and improving the efficiency of our energy and resource consumption before looking into offsetting options

Main targets supporting this goal:

  • Reduce emissions from business travel and freight.
  • Improve energy efficiency and aim for renewable energy options.
  • Reduce waste and increase recycling.



The Company’s values, honesty, frugality and courage, serve as the foundation and driving force behind Össur’s success and guides employees in their day-to-day activities and decision making. Össur’s values encourage employees to take social, ethical and environmental stands beyond the Company’s legal obligations. In addition, these values help the Company adapt to the various cultures in which it conducts business. Currently, Össur operates in over 25 countries.

Össur Social Responsibility Progress Report

Össur works with its suppliers worldwide to evaluate, audit and encourage responsible corporate practices.

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