Össur as Sponsor at TIPS/BACAR/ISPO 2019, Manchester

Presence shows their innovative solutions and commitment to improving people’s mobility

This year, Manchester will play host to TIPS/BACAR/ISPO 2019. At this exciting event held every three years, you will find the Össur team at their booth (QB.1 & QB.2) for demonstrations of their Touch Solutions with their i-Limb® Quantum and i-Digits™ Quantum.

Presence shows their innovative solutions and commitment to improving people’s mobility

The event encompasses four days (March 20-23) of conferences, lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions, all showcasing the latest developments in O&P technology and scientific research. Exciting, as well as educational,The TIPS/BACAR/ISPO congress is the perfect platform for professionals to share or enhance their knowledge and discover something new.

For Össur, the spotlight remains firmly focused on innovative solutions for shared success – that is to say, successful outcomes for O&P specialists and product users alike. The company will therefore be presenting their innovative solutions for upper limb amputees with their Touch Solutions. Demonstrating the i-Digits™ Quantum who remains the most advanced partial hand prosthesis available today for individuals with missing fingers. More improved than ever due to its gesture control feature by i-mo™ technology and Bluetooth Grip Chips, the product that enables users to be 30% faster and stronger accessing many grips in performing everyday tasks. The new design is not only slimmer but also lighter, allowing users to wear their prosthesis all day. Another innovation that will be demonstrated at the stand is their i-Limb® Quantum which is the only upper limb prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture. Gesture control enables an automated grip to be accessed by moving the i-limb® Qantum in one of four directions - it really is that simple to have everything you need for precision, power and intelligent motion.

In addition to the impressive Touch Solutions, visitors to the congress will also be finding out more about Össur’s Pro-Flex range for lower limb solutions on the Friday and Saturday, when TIPS/BACAR changes into ISPO UK. All Pro-Flex feet feature a unique and proprietary 3-blade design with a foot blade that incorporates a full effective toe lever and a more anatomical split toe. This innovative design helps generate toe-off energy and a fluid, natural progression from heel strike to toe-off. The latest additions to the family are Pro-Flex LP Align and – Proprio Foot: a combination of the three blade Pro-Flex design with a newly developed micro processor ankle.

Össur is equally delighted to participate in the scientific program with a presentation about innovation in powered wrist rotation. In addition to that there will be workshops on the importance of dedicated therapy services to help achieve successful outcomes for patients fit with its bionic solutions.

A warm Össur welcome awaits you at stand QB.1 / QB.2