Össur launches new SYMBIONIC® LEG 3

Latest Generation of the World’s First and Only Complete Bionic Leg Now Available for U.S. Patients

Össur has launched SYMBIONIC® LEG 3, the latest generation of the world’s first and only complete Bionic leg, featuring a Bionic microprocessor knee and a powered Bionic ankle with proactive ankle flexion in a single, integrated unit.

SYMBIONIC LEG 3 was designed to enable users to experience greater safety, symmetry and confidence when walking, without needing to adapt their walking style or otherwise compensate for their prosthesis. The prosthesis incorporates all of the enhancements recently introduced in the RHEO KNEE® 3, Össur’s third-generation microprocessor knee, and integrates it with the leading Bionic ankle component, enabling above-knee amputees to walk more naturally.

“As a company, Össur remains focused on driving continued innovation to improve the mobility of people of all ability levels,” said Jon Sigurdsson, President and CEO of Össur.  “SYMBIONIC LEG 3 represents the latest demonstration of our commitment to help more people enjoy a life without limitations.”

Effortless swing initiation, faster, more natural swing extension, and consistent toe clearance, enable an even smoother gait with SYMBIONIC LEG 3.    SYMBIONIC LEG 3’s powered toe lift and stumble recovery features are intended to enhance users’ safety and reduce the risk of trips and falls, while its intelligent terrain adaptation capabilities provide stability while walking on everyday surfaces such as grass, slopes or uneven ground. As a result, users may walk more easily without having to literally watch their every step.

Initial Field Testing Indicates User Benefits

In initial field testing, 27% percent of all users reported reduced or eliminated lower back pain or socket pain with SYMBIONIC LEG.  When comparing their experiences with other prostheses, 80% of SYMBIONIC LEG users reported less mental fatigue at the end of the day, and 86% said that they were capable of more physical activity. Nearly 80% of initial users also reported increased confidence and comfort while walking on ramps and hills. Approximately two-thirds reported a reduction in tripping compared to their previous prostheses, and 57% reported fewer falls.

Among prosthetists who participated in field testing, 80% reported that their SYMBIONIC LEG users demonstrated a more even stride length when walking, and the majority observed less hip hiking and vaulting in their patients’ first three weeks of use.

In the U.S., SYMBIONIC LEG 3 is insurance billable using existing approved codes. It is ideally suited for low- to mid-impact K3 level above-knee (AK) and knee disarticulated amputees, who weigh up to 275 pounds1

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